ERP Cloud Projects Module User Guide


Creating a New Sheet

If your workbook does not already contain an integrator worksheet, follow the steps as shown below or click here:
Click Templates > Create New Sheet , to create an Integrator worksheet.
Select the Projects Module and then an appropriate Integrator.
Click Select to create the new worksheet.
You will be asked to register your company and contact details should this be the first time someone in your organization has used the Projects module. For information on this, please refer to the Registration section of the Installation guide.
Projects Module – Financial Projects Integrator worksheet example:
Projects Module – Costs Integrator worksheet example:
Projects Module – Assets and Assignments Integrator worksheet example:
The Module and Integrator values must remain in cells A6:A7 for the product to function.
Bear in mind that the columns provided are labelled the same as the Oracle ERP Cloud forms wherever possible. We do not currently provide functionality to create custom column labels. Enter your own custom labels above the Integrator columns on row 7 if required.
Note - You can remove columns to assist with performance. When a required column is removed, the application will notify the user that a column is missing.