ERP Cloud Projects Module User Guide

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Welcome to the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Projects Module.
Through the use of our Microsoft Excel ERP Cloud Toolbox Add-in, More4apps offers a new Oracle Cloud solution, providing assistance with data creation, maintenance and cleansing of the Oracle ERP Project Management Cloud module.
The Projects Module contains a growing list of Integrators.  It currently performs the following:
Amend Contracts
Submit Amend for Active contracts
Assets and Assignments
Create, Update and Delete Project Assets.
Create and Delete Asset Assignments at Project and Task Levels.
Award Budgets
Create, Update, and Delete Award Budget Version Headers.
Create and Delete Planning Resources.
Create Plan Lines with Planning Period Amounts.
Create, Update, and Delete Budget Version Headers.
Create and Update Planning Resources.
Create and Update Plan Lines with Planning Period Amounts.
Create, Download and Delete Unprocessed Project Costs.
Download Processed Project Costs.
Use the Submit functionality to Import Costs.
Use the Refresh functionality to retrieve Import results to the sheet.
Cost Adjustments
Download Processed Project Costs.
Create Cost Adjustments for existing Costs.
Create, Download and Update the Contract Header, Billing Controls, Party Contacts, Contract Lines, Bill Plans and Revenue Plans
Delete Contracts
Submit for Approval
Create, Download, Update and Delete Project Billing Events.
Create and Update Events Additional Information (Descriptive Flexfields).
Financial Plan Resource Assignments
Create, Update, and Delete Resource Assignments against Financial Project Plan Tasks.
Create and Update Planning Amounts and Plan Lines Descriptive Flexfields.
Financial Projects
Create and Update the Project Header.
Create, Update and Delete Classifications, Team Members, Tasks, and Transaction Controls.
Create Project Attachments.
Create and Delete Customers and Provider Business Units.
Create, Update, and Delete Forecast Version Headers.
Create and Download Planning Options.
Create and Update Planning Resources.
Create and Update Plan Lines with Planning Period Amounts.
Planning RBS
Create and Update Resource Breakdown Structure assignments to a project.
Create and Update Planning Resources against Resource Breakdown Structures assigned to a project.
Project Templates
Create and Download Project Template Headers.
Create, Download and Delete Classifications.
Create, Download and Delete Tasks.
Create and Download Task Transaction Controls.
Create and Download Project Transaction Controls.
Create and Download Quick Entries.
The Projects Module is an Excel user interface built to communicate with supported Oracle REST Web Services for the purpose of retrieving data from and uploading data to Oracle ERP Cloud. All standard features of Microsoft Excel are still available to the user and columns can be moved or deleted to suit user preference.
This document is written with the assumption the reader knows how to work within the Project Management Cloud module of Oracle ERP Cloud from a functional point of view.  This document explains functionality up to and including the latest release.  Refer to the Release Notes to explain the differences between module releases.
This module is supported on Oracle Cloud 20a ( onwards. If any issues are encountered or you have any enhancement suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.