ERP Cloud Module and Add-in Installation Guide

  • Licencing and Registration

Licencing and Registration

The module must be registered with More4apps before it can be used for the first time on each ERP Cloud instance.
Registration records the Organization, ERP Cloud instance, Module and Contact details of the first user and will create a trial license for the More4apps module.
This process will only commence when the combination of module, ERP Cloud instance and Organization are not already registered with More4apps when using an Integrator.
Populate all fields then click Register.
Once registration is complete, no other users will need to perform this step for this combination of module, ERP Cloud instance and Organization. The 7 day trial will begin immediately.
Each module is licensed by concurrent seats. By default, 5 seats will be automatically provisioned. This allows, up to 5 users at any one time, use of the full functionality of the module and any of its associated integrators.
To extend the trial period or increase the licensed seats contact your More4apps account representative.
Installation is now complete and a list of More4apps modules and integrators can be selected from the Excel Add-in.