ERP Cloud Module and Add-in Installation Guide

  • BI Report Installation

BI Report Installation

Oracle BI Reports provide lists of values (LOVs) in the More4apps Modules. The BI Report files can be found in the downloaded product zip file in the ‘Reports’ folder.
The ‘Module.xdrz’ and ‘Common.xdrz’ BI Reports must be installed in each Oracle Instance the product is being used on. Note, files with the ‘.sig’ suffix do not need to be imported and are only for verifying Digital Signatures if required.
Access to BI Publisher is granted through the “BI Administrator Role” role.
Follow the steps below to import your BI Reports:
1)    Navigate to BI Publisher
a)    Enter the URL of the Oracle instance you are using in the browser address bar.
For example:
b)    Add “/xmlpserver” on the end of the URL:
IMPORTANT - Ensure that the URL is NOT suffixed with ‘analytics’. This will lead you to the wrong application and not import the BI Reports correctly.
c)    Click on the ‘Catalog’ button.
d)    The following screen should then be displayed.
2)    Create the More4apps Folder
A folder needs to be created to store the necessary BI Publisher components. If the More4apps folder already exists, skip this step and go to step 3, ‘Import the Reports’.
a)    On the left hand ‘Folders’ pane, expand ‘Shared Folders’
b)    Expand ‘Custom’
c)    Ensure the ‘Custom’ folder is selected, then, create a new ‘More4apps’ folder using the + in the top left-hand corner.
Important - The More4apps folder name is case sensitive and must not contain any spaces. If the folder name does not match the image below the installation will be invalid causing unexpected errors when using the Integrators.
3)    Import the Reports
You will now need to install both the ‘Common’ and Module specific BI Reports found in your downloaded Zip file.
a)    Select the More4apps folder.
b)    Click the ‘Upload’ option in the bottom left-hand pane of BI Publisher and click ‘Choose File’. (If you do not see the ‘Upload’ option, ensure you are in BI Publisher and not BI Analytics. Refer to step 1 on how to check you are in the correct location)
c)    Browse and select your Module.xdrz file from the downloaded zip file and click ‘Open’.
i)      Note, you do not need to upload the .sig BI Report files. These are for Digital Signature certification if required. Steps on the certification can be found in the Digital Signatures section.
d)    Click ‘Upload’.
Note, this process can take a few minutes to complete.
e)    Once complete, if you open the Module folder that was created under the ‘More4apps’ folder, the contents should look similar to this:
If your zip file does not resemble the above and only contains a single .xdrz file, refer back to step 1 to ensure you are in BI Publisher and not Analytics and repeat the above steps.
f)     Repeat step 3 and now import the ‘Common.xdrz’ file from your downloaded zip file. Note, if the Common folder already exists you can skip this step unless instructed by More4apps.
g)    You should now have two folders under the More4apps folder. Note, if you have more than one Module, then you can expect to see additional folders.
h)    The BI Report Installation is now complete. If your installation does not resemble what is shown in this guide please contact More4apps Support.