ERP Cloud Module and Add-in Installation Guide

  • BI Report Installation

BI Report Installation

Oracle BI Reports provide lists of values (LOVs) in the More4apps Modules. These are included in the catalog files provided in your product zip file under the ‘Reports’ folder.
The Module and Toolbox Add-in catalog files must be installed in each Oracle Instance the product is used on. Note, files with the ‘.sig’ suffix do not need to be imported and are only for verifying Digital Signatures if required.
Access to Reports and Analytics is granted through the “BI Administrator Role” role.
Follow the steps below to install or update your BI Reports:
1)    Navigate to Reports and Analytics
a)    From the Oracle home page, navigate to Tools > Reports and Analytics.
b)    Click Browse Catalog.
c)    The following screen should then be displayed.
2)    Import the Reports
If this is your first time installing the BI Reports, you will need to import both the Module and Toolbox Add-in catalog files. If you are updating your existing Module BI Reports, only the Module.catalog file needs to be imported.
a)    Select the Shared Folders > Custom folder.
b)    Click the ‘Unarchive’ option in the bottom left-hand pane then click Browse to search and select your Module catalog file in the downloaded Module Zip file, for example, ‘More4apps-Finance.catalog’.
c)    Important, Set the ‘Replace’ option to ‘All’.
d)    Click ‘Ok’.
e)    Click ‘Continue upload in background…’
f)     Repeat the same steps using the ‘More4apps-Toolbox-Addin.catalog file if it does not already exist.
g)    Note If you encounter an issue where BI reports are not updating, and you receive the below error please refer to the troubleshooting section titled ‘Minimum BI Report Warning/Error’.
3)    Check Import Progress
You can check the progress of your import by following the below steps:
a)    Click the Account icon in the top right-hand corner.
b)    Click My Account.
c)    Click the Unarchive Jobs tab. Here you can see the status of all jobs currently running. Your BI Report installation is complete once the status changes to ‘Completed’. Note, that a typical import takes approximately 5-6 minutes to complete.