ERP Cloud Module and Add-in Installation Guide

  • Installation


More4apps offers two different installer options depending on how your organization manages software, Per-user and Per-machine. Both options are offered in the Module zip file.
More4apps Community membership is required to download the installation files. Already a member? Click ERP Cloud Downloads. Not yet a member? Click to Register and Login and then navigate to ERP Cloud Downloads to download the files.
Select the option below that best suits your requirements.
Installs the software for the individual currently logged into the machine.
Who’s it for:
·         Best for companies where employees work on their own machine or device.
·         For those who can install software without restrictions.
Who’s it not for:
·         Companies where many users use the same machine or device.
·         Those that distribute software using endpoint management systems.
What to consider:
·         Does not require administrator access to install.
·         Every user maintains their own version.
·         The Modules do require a certain version of the More4apps Add-in. A prerequisite installer will appear if the Module requires a newer version.
Installs the software machine-wide. Can be used by multiple users on one machine.
Who’s it for:
·         Companies that distribute software using endpoint management systems.
·         Best for companies where multiple employees work on the same machine or device.
Who’s it not for:
·         For companies where users have their own machine or device.
·         Users that cannot install software.
What to consider:
·         Requires administrator rights to install.
·         If deploying with an endpoint management system:
o   Version updates would be maintained by the IT Team.
o   A separate Add-in installer will be needed. Please contact More4apps for this file.