ERP Cloud Module and Add-in Installation Guide


Per-User Installation

Only the user running this install option will be able to use the software on this PC. You do not need Administrator rights to install using this option.
Note, If the software must be distributed using an endpoint management system, or be installed for all user accounts on the PC, refer to the Per-Machine Installation steps.
1. Ensure all sessions of Excel are closed.
2. Extract the Module zip file.
3. Based on the example image above, double click the More4apps_Finance_Module_User.exe file. Note. If you are following these steps for the machine level installer, make sure to use the exe file within the “Machine” folder of your zip file.
4. If presented with a Prerequisites Setup Wizard window, click ‘Next’ to display the Add-in components that will be updated.
Click ‘Next’ to begin this installation and follow the prompts until this Add-in install has completed, otherwise skip to step 5 below:
5. When presented with the Module Setup Wizard window progress through the wizard using the ‘Next’ button.
a.      Note, the Installer Folder location is already set by default and does not need to be changed.
b.      Click ‘Finish’ to complete installation. Please proceed to the BI Report Installation section for the next steps.