ERP Cloud Module and Add-in Installation Guide

  • Troubleshooting


Refer to the below table for any troubleshooting topics.
The More4apps tab does not show in the Excel Ribbon after installation
There are multiple solutions for this issue. Please try each option for a resolution.
- In Excel, navigate to File > Options > Customize Ribbon.
In the right-hand pane, ensure the ‘More4apps’ checkbox is ticked. Save the changes and close and reopen Excel.
- In Excel, navigate to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Add-ins.
Uncheck the ‘Disable all Application Add-ins’ option. Save the changes and close and reopen Excel.
- In Excel, navigate to File > Options > Add-ins. Click the bottom dropdown and select ‘COM Add-ins’ then click Go.
Check the ‘More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Add-in’ option and click Ok.  Close and reopen Excel.
When opening Excel after install and the following error appears:
“Certificate used to sign the deployment manifest for More4apps_ERP_Cloud_Toolbox_Add-in or its location is not trusted.”
When attempting installation, the following message appears:
“Please close Excel before continuing with the installation”
Check in Task Manager in the Processes and Details tab that excel is not running.  When closing Excel, MS Office has a bug where memory leaks occur.  This causes Excel to not completely shut down.
Excel opens with a grey page without any sheets for any workbooks.
This is a general Excel bug in Windows 7. To resolve this, navigate to File > Options > Advanced.  Under the General section, ensure the “Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)” is unchecked.  Click Ok then proceed to close and reopen Excel.
Receive “The app you’re trying to install isn’t a Microsoft-verified app” when trying to run the module executable.
This message is generated by Microsoft and will only appear when your Apps & Features install setting is set to “The Microsoft Store only”.
Change the option to “Anywhere” to proceed with installation.
The following error(s) appears when attempting to use a Module:
More4apps is unable to find the BI Reports that were Imported into Oracle Reports and Analytics. Please check the following:
1.    The ‘More4apps-Module’ folder exists under the 'Shared Folders > Custom' directory.
2.    The ‘More4apps-Toolbox-Addin folder exists under the 'Shared Folders > Custom' directory.
We recommend stepping through the BI Report Installation steps to ensure the BI Reports are installed correctly. If the problem persists, please contact More4apps Support.
During login, the below error appears:
Call failed. An error occurred while sending the request. [WEBSERVICE URL CALL]. The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.”
Proxy exclusions need to be added under your Proxy Settings and the licencing vendor(Cryptlex) and the cloud instance need to be whitelisted.
Adding Proxy Exclusions:
1.    Click the Windows icon and search and select ‘Proxy Settings’
2.    Under ‘Manual proxy setup’ enable the “Use a proxy server” option
3.    In the Address box add the following (Use semicolons(;) to separate entries:
b.    The Instance URL.
                                          i.    For example, if your instance url is you would enter abcd*
4.    Click ‘Save’ once entered.
Cryptlex & the instance domains must be whitelisted by the network administrators. Please contact your administrators to have these whitelisted.
The Cryptlex URL is as follows:
On Login the following error appears:
“Microsoft.Web.WebView2.Core.WebView2RuntimeNotFoundException: Couldn't find a compatible Webview2 Runtime installation to host WebViews. ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)”
The Microsoft Edge Webview Runtime is missing. This is a standard Microsoft component used for browser windows and should exist from Windows 10 onwards.
If not, you can download the Runtime from Microsoft here:
For more information, see the WebView2 documentation.
“More Info” option not present on the Windows Defender popup.
The installer may be blocked by Windows and needs to be Unblocked. Right click on the .exe installer file and click ‘Properties’. Under the ‘General’ tab of the form that opens, check the ‘Unblock’ option and click ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’.
Getting a ‘Publisher has been verified’ prompt when opening Excel.
When a new Add-in is installed against any of the Microsoft Office Suite products, e.g. Excel, this message will appear.
Where the publisher has been verified, you can click ‘Install’ to proceed to Excel and start using the Add-in and Module.
If the publisher has not been verified for any reason, please refer to our Trusted Publisher Certificate section.
“Value cannot be null” error on Excel Startup
There may have been another user on the same machine that has installed a different installer option. This can sometimes lead to a conflict.
Please contact More4apps for assistance.
Encountering a Minimum BI Report Warning/Error
Typically, this is because the latest BI Reports have not been imported and replaced the old ones. You can follow the steps in the BI Report Installation section on how to do this.
Since 23D, an issue was introduced where replacing BI Reports with new ones sometimes will not fully update, rather BI Analytics and Reporting caches the old reports, despite importing the correct new versions. We are communicating with Oracle on this issue and hope to have it resolved in future.
To resolve this warning until resolved, follow the steps below:
1.    Navigate to BI Report and Analytics and click the User Icon then 'Administration'.
2.    Locate and click 'Manage Publisher'.
3.    Locate and click 'Manage Cache' under ‘System Maintenance’.
4.    Under the 'Clear Object Cache' section click the button of the same name.