ERP Cloud Module and Add-in Installation Guide


Per-Machine Installation

This installation option installs the product on the entire machine so all user accounts will have access to use the product in Excel. This option is primarily for those distributing the product using Endpoint Management Systems, for example Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
Managed Installations
To perform a managed installation, you will need the following 3 components:
·         The More4apps Toolbox Add-in Machine Installer.
o   The Add-in must be deployed first when performing this type of installation, as Modules have a prerequisite that the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Add-in is installed. We recommend creating a dependency in the Endpoint Management System between the Add-in and Module, ensuring the Add-in is deployed and installed first.
o   The More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Add-in can be downloaded here: More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Add-in.
o   Ensure when setting up the deployment that you use the Machine.exe installer.
·         The Module Machine Installer
o   The Module Machine installer can be found within the downloaded Zip file, in the ‘Machine’ Folder.
·         Silent installation commands
o   Install: /exenoui /qn
o   Uninstall: /exenoui /x // /qn
Installing Manually
If you wish to run the machine installer manually on the PC, complete steps (1-5) above as outlined in the Per-User Installation section.
Once complete, please proceed to the BI Report Installation section for the next steps.