ERP Cloud Finance Module User Guide

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Welcome to the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Finance Module.
Through the use of our Microsoft Excel ERP Cloud Toolbox Add-in, More4apps now offers a new Oracle Cloud solution, providing assistance with data processing, manipulation and cleansing of the Oracle ERP Cloud Finance area.
The Finance Module contains the Payables Invoices, Receivables Invoices and Holds and Releases Integrators. It currently performs the following:
Payables Invoices Integrator
Receivables Invoices Integrator
Holds and Releases Integrator
Create invoices, debit memos, and credit memos
Create invoices with headers only
Create invoice lines with GL accounts, distribution sets, purchase orders, or project accounting information
DFF and Global DFF support at header, lines and distributions
Attachment upload
Holds during invoice creation
Add holds to existing invoices
Download existing invoices, credit memos, debit memos and their associated lines and distributions
Run Payables Invoice Validation during invoice creation
Run Payables Calculate Tax during invoice creation
Create invoices - excludes credit & debit memos
Create invoices with headers and lines using AutoAccounting
Create invoices with headers, lines and distributions
DFF and Global DFF support at header, lines and distributions
Header Attachment upload
Create holds against existing invoices (Create)
Create holds and releases at the same time (Create)
Apply releases to existing holds (Update)
Download Invoice and Hold data using different download sources
Holds DFF support
The Finance Module is an Excel user interface built on top of the supported Oracle REST web services, designed to upload and retrieve data to and from the Oracle ERP Cloud Application.  All standard features of Microsoft Excel are also available to the user and columns can be moved to suit user preference.
This document is written with the assumption the user knows how to work within the Finance sector of Oracle ERP Cloud from a functional point of view.  The document explains functionality up to and including the latest release.  Please refer to the Release Notes to explain the differences between module releases.
This module is supported on Oracle Cloud 20d ( onwards. If any issues are encountered or you have any enhancement suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.