ERP Cloud Module and Add-in Installation Guide


1. Importing the Public Key

The More4apps public key must be imported to be able to verify BI report signatures.  Open a Command Line window and type, or use copy and paste, the entire string below:
gpg --recv-keys 5D8B6113F5099742
The *.sig BI reports that were provided in the installation zip file can now be verified.
When using an untrusted certificate to verify signatures, a warning may appear:
gpg: Good signature from "More4Apps (More4Apps key for Digital Certificates) <>" [unknown]
gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
The following steps will set the trust of the More4apps certificate to prevent the warning from occurring.
To verify the certificate fingerprint, run the command ‘gpg --list-keys’ and verify that the More4apps fingerprint matches the below:
To set the trust level of the More4apps certificate to ultimate, perform the steps below:
1.    Edit the More4apps key:
gpg --edit-key More4Apps
[ unknown] (1). More4Apps (More4Apps key for Digital Certificates) <>
2.    Run the trust command on the key:
[ unknown] (1). More4Apps (More4Apps key for Digital Certificates) <
3.    Set the trust level to ‘5’ and verify with the ‘Y’ command:
Please decide how far you trust this user to correctly
verify other users' keys (by looking at passports,
checking fingerprints from different sources...)?
 1 = Don't know
 2 = I do NOT trust
 3 = I trust marginally
 4 = I trust fully
 5 = I trust ultimately
 m = back to the main menu
Your decision? 5
Do you really want to set this key to ultimate trust? (y/N) y
[ unknown] (1). More4Apps (More4Apps key for Digital Certificates) <>
Please note that the shown key validity is not necessarily correct
unless you restart the program.
4.    Use the quit command to exit key editing: