ERP Cloud Module and Add-in Installation Guide

  • Digital Signatures (Optional)

Digital Signatures (Optional)

More4apps utilizes digital signatures to ensure the software provided is verified, secure and safe to use.
BI Reports provided by More4apps can be optionally verified using a public key with detached digital signatures. This allows users to check the integrity of the reports before importing them into their ERP Cloud instances.
The zip file contains two sets of BI reports, one to be installed on each ERP Cloud instance (*.xdrz) and one digitally signed (*.sig) to be used to compare to the reports to be installed.
If the content in the *.xdrz files differs to the digitally signed content in the *.sig files a bad content message will be displayed.  If this occurs you should not install the *xdrz BI Reports and instead contact More4apps for assistance.
To verify BI reports, a PGP tool, for example GNUPG and Command Line Input (CLI) is required.