ERP Cloud Module and Add-in Installation Guide


Silent Installation (Optional)

More4apps does offer a Silent Install option for its cloud products. Follow the steps below to perform the installation:
1.    Contact More4apps to request the required files for the silent installation process.  You will be provided with the additional ERP Cloud Toolbox Add-in executable to run as a part of your installation.
2.    Ensure you have both the Add-in executable file and the Module Zip file (extracted).
3.    Close all sessions of MS Excel.
4.    Open Command Prompt(cmd).
5.    Enter in the location of the Add-in executable followed by the commands /exenoui /qn and run the command.
a.    For Example, "C:\Users\User001\Downloads\ERP_Cloud_Toolbox_13.1.3.0.exe" /exenoui /qn
b.    Note, to ensure no UI options appear, the Add-in executable commands MUST be run first before the module.
6.    Enter the location of the Module executable in cmd with the same commands ( /exenoui /qn ) and run it.
For Example: "C:\Users\User001\Downloads\More4apps_Procurement_Module_13.1.3.0\More4apps_Procurement_Module.exe" /exenoui /qn
7.    Ensure both the Add-in and Module have been installed by checking ‘Add Remove Programs’.
For any issues, please contact More4apps.
Navigate to the BI Report Installation section to move to the next step. If these already exist, you may be able to skip this step if advised by More4apps.